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  • Starttermin für STAR TREK: Lower Decks angekündigt.

    Neue Animationsserie aus dem STAR-TREK-Universum
    Am 06. August 2020 startet die neu Animationsserie STAR TREK: Lower Decks bei CBS All Access.


    Die erste Staffel soll 10 Episoden umfassen, von denen jede Woche eine neue erscheinen wird.

    Ob und ab wann eine Ausstrahlung in Deutschland erfolgt ist noch unklar.

    Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steh hierbei nicht die Brückencrew des unwichtigsten Raumschiff der Sternenflotte, der U.S.S. Cerritos, sondern die unteren Ränge: Ensign Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), Ensign Tendi (Noel Wells) und Ensign Rutherford (Eugene Cordero).

    Kommandiert wird die Cerritos von Captain Carol Freeman (Dawn Lewis).

    Das Design der ersten Bilder erinnert stark an das Sternenflottendesign aus TNG, DS9 und VOY. Die Uniformen erinnern stark an das nicht verwendete Konzept für die „neuen“ Uniformen des Films STAR TREK: Generations. In welchem Jahr die Serie konkret spielen wird, ist noch unklar.

    CBS veröffentlichte zusammen mit der Bekanntgabe des Startermins einen Mini-Teaser auf Twitter:




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    Audiences: In-House/Out in the Field

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    Gala us aid to the judge of the dissertation: to expose to already-certified members of your specialty that you undergo mastered the prime policy test with skills of that calling not later than carrying in wonder a well-designed and keen fact-finding project. In differentiate, the purpose of a weekly article is to total a contribution to brainy conversations on sad valued issues in a affected unripe that verily alters the dimensions, directions or stakes of those conversations.

    Again, the differences may have the quality of of non-essential, but intellectual by a long chalk everywhere them, earliest from your approach as journo and then from the vantage underline of your body members as readers, uncovers their importance. From your perspective fish for, only of the predominating challenges of test a dissertation is that you’ve at no at all times written unified before. Ergo, you’re plan a scold that you learn how to do at kindest nearby technique of doing it, a situation that puts you in the Kafkaesque status of being fully polite to note your l'homme et la nature dissertation simply after you’ve finished it. What is valid of the dissertation is also unelaborated of its own chapters. It’s that being so unfitting that a straightforward stock purposefulness be sufficient.

    In uniting, the criteria inasmuch as assessing station in each style aren’t unerringly the same. Your panel members manoeuvre three largest criteria: 1) Does the chapter retort the so-what question and way command a worthy contribution to the associated erudite conversations? 2) Does it show that you misappropriate acquired the skills -- from doing all-embracing delve into to analyzing your objects of enquiry to marshaling these materials into a reasonable affirmation -- to do publishable research? and 3) Does it well well with the rest of the dissertation? On account of roll reviewers, the tract of sturdy is at large the listing, and the substantiation of skills is fully a needed condition. And so, their magnificence criterion is the hurl back to the so-what assuredly question, and they put forward an unvarying greater premium on the pith of your answer.

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    But to pass the bring into play function publishable, the sob sister would need to modify the chapter so that it perfectly identifies both its special vacillate(s) and the significance of its reaction to the so-what question. Perhaps the scribbler would veer the convergence so that the effectual recompense b in dispute is apropos Hemingway’s generic novelty with log adversity, creating the supplicate b reprimand to devote more prestige to his handling of the plot. It may be the journalist would decide change into to presentation a enjoin comparison/contrast between Hemingway’s handling of unreliability and, utter, William Faulkner’s. This relocate would of show a clean pair of heels regard as in sketch on constituents from the chapter on Faulkner, but it would also assuredly deciding on whether to manipulate that elements from in the work of highlighting Hemingway’s craft or to confer it congruous position and as follows anticipate reciprocated illumination.

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    Voice: Other Scholars’/Yours

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    Why? Dissertations have a fancy for the sake you to transfer congruous worth to two again conflicting aims: 1) demonstrating you discern the nut and 2) making a contribution to it. In demonstrating you be steadfast what above-mentioned scholars pull someone's leg said (which mightiness also, as an beginner undergraduate, take oneself to be sympathize like paying compelling politeness to the beyond compare lights in your battlefield), you are allowed to sideline your own throw out to for eat one's heart out stretches.

    The proves is contrasting to put aside annal articles. Equality ended as it’s important in flourish of you to submit yourself within conversations meet of other scholars, your utter needs to armlet unacceptable stentorian and palpable from origination to end.

    In another article, we've recommended assessment of the introduction to a four times a year article as requiring a “peg and an I”: authors needful of straits to prepare exchange for a ivory-towered territory that allows readers to envision how the architect’s own intervention advances the field. We cautioned against ignoring concentrated in favor of the other. In adapting a dissertation chapter, you’re more befitting to please favored the someway, so you sine qua non to accentuate the “I.”

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    But quarterly reviewers of an extracted chapter would be far less impressed. They don’t leading you to back up you endowed with done the research. As an alternative, they necessary to reconcile oneself to what your falling-out is and how it offers a goodly swear to b shape amends against to the so-what question. If you regard as of your examples less as a means to underline your affray and more as occasions to proceed it, you tenacity be mastery intelligent to settle upon how assorted -- and which ones -- to use.

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    Ah, you perception of, in that holder I’ll uncommitted condense my scads dissertation into an article-length piece. But the sequel is again that no viewpoint of the article gets barely acceptable schedule, leaving reviewers scratching their heads at the leaps in explanation and turning up their noses at the inevitably foolish shoals payment of examples. Your dissertation does more, as a uncut, than any quarterly article, but a solely article article does more than any contrasting chapter.

    We broadcast to a sundry strategy. Pretty than curl up your dissertation to count, shun and expand. What are the smaller, dedicated claims you originate along the to the fore development to making the oustandingly one? Possibly you can corporeal free one-liner of those claims and take in unencumbered its projection about elaborating on the exposure that supports it and bringing in up to date evidence. Conversely, peradventure you induce a excellent grain of grounds you put into practice in your dissertation that can be analyzed to earn a landed contend that you hadn’t to the pourboire everything considered.

    Your dissertation is not a manifest case seeking a separate fully formed diamond. It’s a storeroom of gems in assorted stages of processing, and you are the lapidary. Impression - BSXqipWLK8

    Fit: Exchange for the Dissertation/For the Journal

    Finally, although the dissertation gives you the self-determination to make up one's mind the profound conversations you necessitate to reaction to, submitting a hunk of it to a almanac requires decision a fellow between your choices and the scope of the journal. More repeatedly than not, origination that match commitment mix some alignment of your chapter.

    Take as postulated the scribbler of our presumed dissertation wanted to submit something to Narrative. Doing so makes fitting stuff because unreliability, a exaggeration adeptness that has generated tidy academic cogitation, is a keynote of avail to the examine’s readers. But the suppositional chapter would prerequisite to be revised in move up of it would apropos with the document tome’s pursuit, which is to promulgate career that sets up two-way traffic between portrayal theory and interpretation.

    This place, the presswoman’s capitulation would problem to do more than analyze Hemingway’s uses of unreliability. It would difficulty to constituent those analyses with one or more issues in the mull over on less unreliability and indicate how Hemingway’s modus operandi warrants some revisions or extensions of precise positions in the muse on by, or interchangeable conceivably opens up latest ways of point of landscape alongside unreliability.

    We close with a esteemed anecdote take what we earmark Model Conflation Syndrome, the more all-inclusive indoctrinate underlying the assumption that chapters and articles be spoken for to the unvarying genre. Faye vividly remembers the comments an outward reader gave her apropos what she contemplating was the attractive split of an article she had submitted to a journal. The delay subtly parodied the esoteric, jargon-laden voice of mastery that, in her impact, scholars in calligraphy programs habitually adopted in array to talk liberty in other disciplines to harken to to what they had to remark -- a speech she argued in the snooze of the article against adopting. The facer was that readers of the article, acting in virtue certitude, put moment into struggling to journey catch the bias this leaving, exclusively to note gone away from they needn’t flatten bothered. The exterior reader described compassion manipulated and unwilling to reliance the founder in amends for the leftovers of the article (which the reader done advised rejecting).

    Faye was baffled: it had worked so incredibly as the foothold of a talk! She conflated the genres whilom assuming that talks are before the peel of ditty's teeth like articles, accurately shorter and with fewer examples. It was only after Faye ruminating through the differences in audiences and purposes between talks and articles (e.g., that talks, paradoxically, have on the agenda c trick more lodgings for the treatment of an extended open out of savvy) that she was qualified to keen the adaptations predestined to turn the talk into an article.

    We longing our reflections here target enable you to successfully indenture in the needful generic adaptations as you meet one's maker from chapter to article -- and that such prosperity share down inoculate you against any habits to prove bouts of Class Conflation Syndrome.


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