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Convention Expenses


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I started this topic to get some opinons (Both in German and English) about an email I received today.  I had asked someone to perform during the CABARET and he agreed until he found out that the Cabaret was going to cost the fans money.  I explained to him that FEDCON charged a fee for NIMOY/DeLancie's ALIEN VOICES show and a show with TIM RUSS AND NEIL NORMAN ORCHESTRA before this. Robert, Garrett and Walter promised an incredible show which they would not have performed without payment.

Early FEDCONs had actors perform during the Closing Ceremonies (American cons DO NOT have Opening and Closing Ceremonies), but now they would like to be paid for such performances.  So we created a Cabaret and invited fans to participate in it as well.

I convinced "3" actors to perform for this CABARET and explained to my friend that a convention in Europe is very expensive to put on.  My American experience with conventions goes back 15 years and I still can't believe my eyes at the size of your European conventions.

For starters, 1 First Class ticket to Europe is $8000-$10000 and a First Class ticket from LA to New York is $1500.  Most actors get 2 tickets so that they can bring their wives, husbands, assistants, etc.  Multiply those prices with the number of actors coming and you could probably feed a small third world nation.  LA Grand Slams only need to provide limo transport form actor's homes.  Vegas shows need only purchase a 30 minute flight ticket.  It takes 8-10 hours to get to Europe!

The prices that European conventions charge their attendees is a lot less than a GRAND SLAM or VEGAS SHOW ($200-$500).  The Maritim Bonn is an expensive place to rent and along with advertising, program books, bags, media personnel, equipment, staff, taxes, and a lot more, the European convention prices are very reasonable if not downright cheap!

I guess what I am asking is, are we wrong for charging a small fee (10 Euro) for extra entertainment by professionals and fans?  Considering the overall costs of supplying you with the best overseas talent in Sci-Fi Media, and that we are not doing anything but improving on your convention experience, I think 10 Euro is very reasonable. ;)

Dirk doesn't know I am asking you all this because he does not have to share his expenses with anyone.  All I know is I am happy to be a part of the European fan experience and wanted to share with you all what Dirk has successfully accomplished at great expense.  Sure he makes a little money for himself.  Wouldn't you?!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.  :D

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HI Marc,

I must submit to all of your points. 10 € is a very reasonable price and if the Cabaret will be as good as the Alien Voices or Tim Russ and so on nobody can deny this.

Of course there will be some people who can deny this... everywhere are those people. For my person I will pay this

"damned"  :D  10 €. I'm going to spend so much money at Fedcon that this will not affect my financies...

In my opinion it's a must be...just because of the actors... :P

Greetz to all yours

Lord Schweizer

P.S. He Marc one question.

Are you going to spend this year as much time at the bar as you did last year???  :D  :P  :0

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I think it is the best way to pay extra for extra shows.

So everyboby can decide what she/he wants to see.

If you don't want to see the extra show, you don't have to join it and pay for it.

I think there could be more extra shows/activities for an extra price and everybody can decide how many and what kind of extra activity he wants to join. :P


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Hi Marc,

I just read your information on the Cabaret, and the opinios of the others who commented. Here's what I think:

When I first heard of the idea of the Cabaret, I thought that it would be included in the FedCon program so that the costume contest / fancy dress would be about costumes again, and costumes only. But to satisfy those FedCon visitors who liked the entertaining comedy parts of the fancy dress show, there was to be a special part of the program (the Cabaret) which would feature those fans who were willing to entertain other fans with their performance, like the Data family, The Vedeks (or rather the artists formerly known as...) and Take This. It seems now that I have been mistaken.. please correct me if I'm wrong (and that goes to every reader in here), but hadn't the FedCon page promoted the "Cabaret" at first for the very reason that I just pointed out? But, as I said, I may be wrong.

Anyways, why I don't like the "new" Cabaret plans: Of course, actors want to get paid for what they do. I gladly paid for "Alien Voices", and I gladly paid for Tim's concert... and I would (again) gladly pay 10€ to see Robby and Garret and Walter perform on stage, because that's something they would not have to do. But why mix this up with the "fans for fans"-part? Why can't it be done the way it was with "Alien Voices" and Tim? Promote the show as "Robert, Garret and Walter"-evening (or afternoon), charge 10€, and everybody will be happy. But the way it is planned, I'd feel like paying to see other fans perform... and as much as I like these performances, I would not do that... to me, that would be like paying for Fancy Dress, the Art Show or a fan film.

So, as I said, why can't there be two shows: one with the fans, and one with the actors? Or, since the schedule for the weekend is probably extremely tight: Start the show with the actors and let only the people in who are willing to pay, and when the actors are done, make a five-minute break, open the doors and let the rest of the people in who want to see the fans. Thereby, the show (or two shows) would not be much longer than one combined show, and everybody would be happy: the actors get their money, and the fans who don't want to pay can still see the other fans performing.

Well, that's my suggestion. Thanks for reading :)


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I have no problem to pay for Garret, Robert and Walter, but I´d like not to pay for the fans performances. And if these fans aren´t paid, I think it´s not fair to take money also for their work (get what I mean??? I´m a bit confused today  :ugly: ) So if it can be organized, I think Agrajags idea is the best: First the actors for a fee and then open the doors for everyone for the fan performances.

Btw. Dirk, you were just kidding about the teddybears, weren´t you? If not: AHHHHHH, I love teddybears. My poor purse!

Can´t wait ´till Fed Con!


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Hey Agrajag (what the heck does that name mean anyway),

I think you have made the best suggestion I have heard since announcing the Cabaret. That's a wonderful idea.  I'm such a dork (dumkoff) and I would like to put some more thought into it before I make a decision.

Looking at your post, it came to me that it would be an easy plan to open the doors after Walter, Robbie and Garett are finished but like I said, let me explore this very simple idea and let all of you know soon.

WOW!!  Great job, great idea and I owe you a beer when I see you (whoever the #### you are :) ).

Hi Nicci...you're right as well Thanks for commenting.

:P  :P  :P  :P

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