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Marc B. Lee


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Thank you all for all of the praise but I think that this was my worst performance ever at a FEDCON!!!!  I thought I was doing a very bad job and when my voice self destructed, I thought "OH HELL!!! Now I`m going to ruin the rest of the weekend!"

You got to be kidding! I have no comparison, as this was my first Fed-Con, but you were GREAT!!! I'm pretty sure that your presence on stage was only a small part of what you did to make this con as unforgettable as it was. My heartfelt thanks for that! Sorry about your voice, hope you've gotten  it back by now.

Enjoy your time (and beer) in Germany! ;)

And as I said before: nice legs!  :0 :0 :0

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I honestly believe I made some mistakes and have learned by them so I should be better next year.  This con went by so fast that I thouhght there was another day left.

If anyone has any "truthful" comments on what I need to improve on, here is the time to tell me.  Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings because I know where you all live.  :)

:0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0

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Well yes, in fact there were TWO big mistakes you made:

1) you've worn a red dress as far as I remember and red dresses are totally out!

2) And... the dress was too long :P

Just kidding, you were great!

It was my first FedCon but not my last one because I really enjoyed the show.

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I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Mark for being the way he is and caring about other people's needs.

When my camera was stolen, I really felt awfully sad, not only because of its monetary value, but because of the special meaning it had to me. :(

Marc made two announcements that day to make sure, that if the person who took it is in the room and has a heart, there would be a chance of getting the camera back.

It didn't help, but with Marc and several FedCon visitors who offered their pictures to me, I cheered up a lot. :)

The costume contest and especially the FedCon Cabaret did a very good job as well. :D

By the end of the evening, I could not only smile again, but I really felt a stitch in my side from laughing so hard!  :0

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Dear Marc!

An honest suggestion? I tried to post this yesterday, by my WindowsMe thoughed that I shouldn´t. :D

In front of the 2nd Avery Brooks- Panel you spoke while nobody listened. That is the young-teacher mistake No 1 (I know that for sure). Next time you have to instruct the audience to shut up, an then you can urge them to promise. that they won´t ask for an autograph again!  :D  :D  :D



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Hi Marc,

forget all this "learn german" stuff. You are the one and only and the best there can ever be Master of Ceremony. Just stay as you are and please come back to Bonn for every Fed Con. And don't forget to bring your friend Richard Arnold. For he has to come too. :D

Love, Sabine

P.S. and by the way: Please tell Richard to get them to put Enterprise on DVD very, very soon. :D

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as we know, richard have had(ist that right? i hate to find the right time for sentences  :0  ) bought a english - german universal translater proggy for pc. try to buy. he woult surly sell it for less then he do  :D

Sven in Q-Modus

ps: by the way (for the other topic) i screamed and chear for yoda during his Lightsaberexercises on Dooku :bounce: (and the whole cinemaxx does), it was amazing and i got "gaensehaut"

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Well, i think Marc did a great job indeed !

Everybody is correct about that.

say, when the picture of the board was taken, Marc did show his eehhhh back, did anybody take that picture ??

And was it at the opening ceremony that he refered to this board as well, cause i remember him saying somewhere that he was going to fly around showing his  eehhh 'back' at the window of a plane ..... Or am i now totally hallucinating now??

And he did show it there as well, didnt he, or was i to far away and didnt see that correct either ????? Gosh, i had fun, and i really think he was a big part of the fun.

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:P  ;)  ;)  :P  :P  ;)  ;)  ;)  :P  ;)

Saw lots of naked German butts on the grass at a lake in Freiburg.  It'll take me some time to recover from that.  It fixed my voice tho. :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0

You mean their butts were - to put it nicely, he he - as well shaped as a certain ass hanging out of a plane window we read about in some other thread???  


Great you have your voice back!

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  • 3 Monate später...

8 months till I make a fool of myself and I was wondering how to do a spectacular job of it.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to improve my performance, please post it hear and I shall consider it.

Remember now, be nice and don't insult what little intelligence I have.

Love 'ya all ('cept Reinhold) :D  :D

Marc  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0

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