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New FEDCON Programming


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FEDCON is experimenting with the idea of having a series of fan lecture sessions hosted by fans.  Examples of topics could be:

“Kirk and Spock: Who’s your Hero”

“The Star Trek Movies”

“Klingons or Borgs”

“The Science of Trek”


"Star Wars vs. Star Trek"

just to name a few.  If you or a small group is interested in hosting a discussion, contact Marc B. Lee (fedconusa@msn.com) or Thorsten at (fedcon.de) and explain your topic.  There are a few rules:

*All topics will be approved by FEDCON.

*A maximum of 3 moderators per session only. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*All sessions to be 1 hour long. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*FEDCON will not compensate participants in any way. This is for fun. :D

*All moderators to show politeness and encouragement during sessions. :angry:

*You may host more than 1 session if approved by FEDCON.

*Everyone in the session has a right to speak. NO EXCEPTIONS! :angry:

FEDCON will not provide discounts or free admission into the convention for your participation.  This is your chance to become a leader in your specific discussion group.  

Be a star. :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0  :0


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I think this is a pretty cool idea, Marl.

To be more exact, its a damn good idea ! :)

I think this would make it more an fan event, I´ve you can discuss topics like this with you ( and maybe the stars? ).

But I think, one problem would be that the audience can´t be to big. You cannot have such discussions with over 500 people.

So again: cool!

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Well it wouldn't be polite to tell someone they suck while in the forum but its sorta like the panels I personally did onstage, where I got the audience involved in talking about anything trek related.

well, that was a stupid example from me, sorry. but anyway: the idea is great like werewolf said.

and yes: the audience shouldn't be too big in order to make a discussion.

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francais stultus est!!

Yeah, I could understand that!!! - And I always thought the five years of Latin would have been a total waste of time! :D :D :D

:bounce: :bounce:

BTW: I couldn't agree more to that. Frensh...


Edit: After writing all this shit, I've forgotten to write something about the new idea.

I think this - let me call them - "fan panels" would help to creat a more family like atmosphere, which many visitors seem to have missed during the last years. - Long story short: Great idea!

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Thank you. :D  :D

I think the language of the "FAN PANELS" should be determined by the moderators and fans in attendance.  As the moderator, you make the decision.

I may plan to have 2 rooms available per hour. I calculate that to be 6 panels on Friday(1pm-4pm), 7-10 panels on Saturday(10am-6pm), 5-8 panels on Sunday(10am-4pm).  That's a total of 18-24 topic discussions for the weekend.

Now all I need is for people/groups to sign up for them via email to me.  All topics to be approved by me which means if I honestly think it's stupid, it WILL BE REJECTED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!

TREKNEWS is welcome to sign up for a panel on TREKNEWS.  If some idiot comes to me with a topic on the "LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN KIRK, SPOCK, AND BONES", you better believe that this WILL BE REJECTED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!  Use "common sense" in your requests and remember FEDCON is a family environment.  If you have only 3 people show up for your panel, YOU STILL MUST DO THE PANEL.  You will never know if your topic is interesting or not unless you witness the attendance for it.

American conventions have and still have been doing this since the first TREK con in 1974!  Please forgive me for not enforcing this at FEDCON.

Remember: FEDCON will give no awards, refunds, discounts, turkeys, brass rings, American cash, women, men, or any other benefit for doing something you would be happy to do.  If you have a problem with this, write your damn Congressman (oops! wrong continent).

Since there are a maximum 24 spots open, I'd act fast if I were you.  As soon as the FEDCON web site is updated with the news, it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Here are a few suggestions by me on panels:

Costuming: Hall and Stage Presentations

The Mythology of Star Trek

Spike: Friend or Foe


Star Trek vs. Star Wars

USS Enterprise: Destroyed Again?!


Writing For TREK

Buck Rogers and Adm. Dearing: What's Up With That?!

Babylon 5

Model Making: Anyone Can Do It.

Marc B. Lee: Can We Clone Him

Star Trek: The Prime Directive

Got it?!

.....more later.J.gif

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